Sell your pimpin' RV and find your dad -- two birds, one stone, eh? We're not sure if this Craigslist ad was successful, but one hell of a read it was.

The online ad was so great, in fact, it lives on forever on the 'Best of' page on Craigslist. It originated on Denver's CL in early 2016, and you kind of need to just read it for yourself, put here's the Reader's Digest version:

 I bought this former mobile brothel from one of the oldest pimps in Nevada. I believe it's the one I was conceived and born in... I bought it right away for $10,000 because it's kind of sentimental to us since my father was an aeronautical engineer turned Navy Seal firefighter and a CIA spy who worked for Richard Nixon himself. Needless to say didn't have much time for dating so he would visit my mom on his rare time off from work in this mobile brothel that she worked in while she saved up money for college...Clean title in hand. Thanks.
P.S. Dad if you are reading this please email me as i would love to meet you someday.

The post also claims the '70-something(?) Chevy mobile home comes fully equipped with a 'massive crab infestation and mold issues,' but does start and run well. Read the ad in its entirety and check out the sweet interior here.

We can only hope this crab shack on wheels has found a loving home, and that the original poster has located his/her undercover father. Oh, and that Mom locked down that college education -- you go, girl.

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