Researchers at Colorado State University have inked a licensing deal for a potential new COVID-19 detection test, the university said in a press release. 

The viral detection technology that researchers at CSU have invented would not only be small, 'fast, portable and more accurate than currently available COVID-19 tests,' but would also be inexpensive, the school said. The test would compete with current COVID-19 testing... and would work kind of like a pregnancy test.

Brian Geiss, Chuck Henry and David Dandy are the CSU researchers using their combined backgrounds in virology, chemistry and chemical engineering to make a 'paper-based lateral-flow' device, meaning it reads in the way that a home pregnancy test does.

'I am very much a believer that if you don’t get a technology like this into someone’s hands who can make and produce it, it’s just an academic exercise,' Henry said in the press release. 'It was a big deal for us to move this into a product that will help people.'

The testing device is now in a licensing deal with Quara, so that it can move into engineering and design phases and hopefully be available in the next year. You can read more about it here.


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