Not too long ago, Prop 107 made headlines as citizens urged the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission to reintroduce gray wolves back to the western part of Colorado. Now, Colorado State University wants to educate Fort Collins about the proposal itself.

Earlier in 2020, it was assumed that gray wolves had already been introduced, though it's more likely that they may have drifted over from another state. After being brought back to Wyoming 25 years ago, it's possible the animals migrated over. When Proposition 107 was initially introduced, many chimed in that they'd already seen gray wolves in Colorado, though the Wyoming wolves were most likely the ones spotted.

This is an example of why CSU wants to provide "science-based information" for the community, according to a press release. Ashley Stokes, associate vice president for Engagement and Extension at Colorado State, says that the community needs educational resources on the Proposition before they vote. John Sanderson, director of the Center for Collaborative Conservation at CSU, says that wildlife integration, particularly for gray wolves, is a "contentious" issue, and there needs to be an inclusive process of creating reintroduction process that focuses on community trust and solutions.

Sounds good to us. If you want to read more and gain some education on your own, read more about the reintroduction right here.

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