I have one parent that graduated from Colorado State University, and another from the University of Minnesota. Both football teams are playing each other this weekend, and I've been asked where my loyalty lies.

I'll be honest, I don't follow football or any sports for that matter. I also never went to CSU nor the U of M, so I should either be split even or not even take sides.

Last night, my friend Tom messaged me asking, "Where does Mollie Kendrick's loyalty lie this weekend?"

Tom knows I love Minnesota, so that's why he asked. And like I said, I'm being honest...this weekend I'm rooting for the Golden Gophers.

Being a Fort Collins native, I'm around CSU merchandise and events all the time. But if I had to choose a new hometown to call my own, it would be Minneapolis. I haven't had a big enough reason to move there, so that's why I'm happily residing in Colorado. But I grew up visiting relatives and friends in Minnesota (the Twin Cities and Central Minnesota in particular), so it's always felt like my home away from home. Also, had I ended up going to a traditional university, it probably would have been the University of Minnesota.

And I'm a little rebel, so I'm cheering on my Dad's alma mater.

CSU Rams will be playing against the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers on Saturday, September 24 at 10 a.m. Hear the game on our sister station, Rock 102.9.


    I love Minnesota's lake culture, which really doesn't exist in Colorado. (No, skiing on Horsetooth Reservoir is not the same thing.) Here's a video from my most recent Minnesota rendezvous.