A Colorado State University Student suffered severe injuries after attempting to jump from a third-story rooftop into a swimming pool. You can see video of the insane jump that was posted to YouTube below.

“Ouch,” doesn’t even to describe how much it looks like this hurt.

Somehow this guy got on the roof of an apartment complex and decided to jump in the pool, but didn’t quite clear the concrete first. (Fair warning, Fox wouldn’t even show the entire video on their TV broadcast.)

According to KDVR the student was listed in ‘fair’ condition today. The  incident happened Sunday afternoon on West Plum Street in Fort Collins.  The CSU sophomore sustained multiple broken vertebrae in his lower back, broken ankles and broken heels.

And he’s probably very lucky that those are the only injuries he did get.

Rooftops aren’t diving board kids. Just ask this guy.

I hope he makes a full recovery, and I hope a lot of other people might think twice about doing something stupid like this after seeing how badly he was hurt.

One thing that kind of makes me sad is the kind of horrible comments people are making about the guy in YouTube. Yes, he did something insanely stupid…but I would say the laundry list of broken bones probably did more than teach him a lesson, but people sure are letting him have it in the comments section.

This guy is lucky he didn’t get killed, lay off will ya?!

Raise your hand if you didn’t do anything stupid in your college days where you could have been badly hurt.

Thought so.

Best wishes towards your recovery rooftop jumper guy.


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