Anyone who attended Colorado State for any period of time under the reign of President Tony Frank knows three things about him. 1) He has a beard. 2) He never calls snow days. 3) He's a major Cubs fan. He also may have predicted the team winning the 2016 World Series in a tweet last February.

Ezra Shaw, Getty Images/Dr. Tony Frank via

'-tony,' as we know him from his casually un-capitalized email signature, never sent an email (that I can recall) announcing that campus would be closed all day due to weather. BUT, the mass emails did always have some sort of zinger at the end about the Chicago Cubs and winning.

Like, we get it man, you're a Cubs fan but just like, cancel classes before 2 p.m. already, won't you?

No, he won't -- 99% of the time. However, on February 2, 2016, this happened:

Dr. Frank wasn't the only one to call this. A couple weeks ago, a 1993 yearbook quote from then-senior Michael Lee surfaced online reading: 'Chicago Cubs. 2016 World Champions. You heard it here first.'

'You heard it here second.'


Just kidding, he didn't say that. He did have something to say though, and you can read it here.