Colorado State University has published a statement in support of their international students after the announcement that international students may not stay in the country if they are only taking online courses.

Many universities, due to COVID-19, have had to adapt to growing safety concerns and ask their students to stay home while taking online courses rather than meet in-person. However now, they are being forced to change direction.

CSU President Joyce McConnell wrote in her statement,

This is the latest and perhaps cruelest attack on the educational opportunities of our international students. Although we are working hard to make sure that all students have face-to-face learning experiences, to keep our campus healthy, we had planned to pivot to remote learning after Fall Break. Now, however this puts our international students in an untenable situation.

McConnell continues on to say that "we must take action", and that this directive from ICE is an attempt to pressure universities to open despite coronavirus concerns.

McConnell also gives a nod to the lawsuits currently being filed by Harvard and MIT opposing the order, and while she voiced her support she did not mention any plans to file a lawsuit as well.

She finished her letter by saying that international students our "ours", and that CSU stands by them while they pursue their dreams. Read the full statement on CSU's website right here.

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