CSU's YouTube channel, 'A Ram's Life', is more than just a way for students to document their college experience. It's a way to encourage more out-of-state students to attend Colorado State University.

The channel features three CSU students who do various things like get tattoos, decorate their dorm rooms, and develop a social life. Overall, it's a very real look at college, and these students take it very seriously.

When I attended CSU, I had a similar vlog channel: Dorm Life with Madi, which I updated every week and published on The Collegian, the school newspaper. It was a fun way for me to talk about both the struggles and great things about being a college student. Now, according to the Denver Post, these videos have a much greater purpose. About that tattoo video, the Post said:

Colorado State paid Ittershagen to create the content and edit the footage. The school then posted the video of the 18-year-old’s first tattoo on its student-run YouTube channel, hoping such intimate glimpses into the lives of real students will entice young viewers to apply to the university.

If only they'd started the program just a few years earlier, and I'd make major bank off of gems like this:

...Yikes. For more on that story, click here.

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