I had no idea this was allowed in the NCAA, but I think its awesome. Josh Griffin is a running back for the CSU Rams. He's also a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, working with both the elite Army Rangers and Green Berets. In fact he has spent 13 years with the Army.

Griffin is 33 years old. According to the Coloradoan, that makes him the oldest college football player in the country.

To me, that's just amazing. He handles his own because of his amazing special forces training. Training and operations that he can't even talk about. But in a time when athletes are getting stronger and faster by the day, this truly is an special accomplishment.

Griffin only ended up at CSU after missing a flight to California to meet with the team at USC.

What I think is even more interesting is that the country's second oldest college football player is right around the corner. James Stefanou is the kicker for University of Colorado and only seven months younger than Griffin.

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