As a Colorado State University alum, I feel confident saying that CSU students know their food. I mean, with restaurants like Aspen Grille and Ramskeller Pub right on campus, how could they not?

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However, there were plenty of times during my student career when I ventured off-campus for a meal. Sure, I mostly stuck to eateries within walking distance of the university, but I will tell you this — if a restaurant is full of college students, it's going to be good.

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Although I still live in Fort Collins, I haven't had a place near campus since I graduated. I enjoy the new restaurants in my area, but occasionally, I find myself craving the fine cuisine of the good old days.

If you can relate to this craving, then you're in luck.

While reminiscing about the college days with my fellow CSU alumni, I became inspired to revisit my favorite eateries from years past. I was surprised at how many places I had forgotten about — perhaps you need a memory jog too.

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If you're feeling hungry and are ready to take a trip down memory lane, check out the craveable Fort Collins restaurants that CSU students are crushin' on in the gallery below:

CSU Students Crush on These Craveable Fort Collins Restaurants

If a restaurant is full of college students, it's going to be good. So, why not turn to Colorado State University students the next time you need to grab a bite to eat? See the craveable Fort Collins restaurants CSU students are crushin' on in the gallery below.

If In-N-Out Burger ever makes it to Fort Collins, it's sure to be a CSU-student favorite. See where you can (and might) find the restaurant in Colorado in the gallery below.

Where You Can (And Might) Find In-N-Out Burger in Colorado

The In-N-Out Burger craze is taking over Colorado. The restaurant currently has six locations open in the Centennial State, with more to come. Here's where you can find them.

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