As we start a brand new work week, gas prices continue to fall sharply across the country. Will Colorado be next in joining the "cheap gas" club?How far have gas prices fallen across the country?

Well think of this question...

When was the last time you saw gas fall under a dollar? The last time I remember seeing this happen was back 1999 when I was in college. And believe me, that feels like an eternity.

However, Michigan has become the first state in the country with gas under the dollar mark and it actually continues to tumble.

According to GasBuddy, the Beacon & Bridge Market located in Lake Houghton, Michigan has a gallon of gas going for $.78. There is also a price of $.95 in the same town at a Marathon gas station.

While the average price across the nation is $1.89, this is a sharp change from where it was a year ago when gas was costing close to $2.90/gallon.

The cheapest price for gas in Fort Collins is $1.65/gallon located at the Safeway on Harmony.

In Greeley, you can find the cheapest gas at the Safeway located at W 10th Street and 35th Avenue. You can fill up starting at $1.62/gallon.

In Loveland, Sam's Club offers you the best price at $1.65/gallon.

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