Plastic grocery bags. We all use them. As a matter of fact, I have a bag of bags under my sink. They come in handy when I need them and I use them quite a bit actually. An estimated 100 billion grocery bags are used each year by Americans to take their groceries home from the store. However, would you consider paying for them?

Legislation To Propose State Wide Ban On Plastic Bags
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That is exactly what some Colorado lawmakers want to have happen. HB18-1054 is a measure to tax plastic grocery bags at the tune of 25 per visit. The tax is aimed to use the money to fund affordable housing in Colorado. In an article at, Rep. Paul Rosenthal D- Denver, said "This bill would kill two birds with one stone. We'll have funds for affordable housing around the state and call attention to the overuse of plastic bags".

If passed this is how it would play out: You would go to the store and the clerk would ask if you needed a plastic bag, if you say yes, you are charged the 25 cent tax visit.

If the bill is voted on in the November election passes, the tax will be imposed starting on January 1, 2019.

What are you thoughts? Would you pay a 25 cent tax on a plastic bag to help fund affordable housing?


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