Colorado Airbnb usage could top two million this year as the platform's popularity continues to increase.

Airbnb connects people looking for accommodations with people that rent out their home. The company was founded in 2008 has turned itself into a multi-billion-dollar operation by receiving commissions from bookings. Colorado had approximately 1.8 million Airbnb guests last year.

According to the Denver Business Journal, Denver leads all of Colorado with $74.6 million in revenue based off of more than 477,000 arrivals after receiving just over 320,000 guests and $51 million last year. Summit County is second with El Paso and Boulder leading to Larimer County rounding out the top five. 93,000 people used Airbnb with $13 million in revenue attached to that number for NoCo property owners. Click here for the full list of counties and the money associated with the rentals.

Gizmodo reports Airbnb has just announced plans to go public in 2020 but has not announced a specific date. Currently valued at $31 billion with around $1 billion in revenue per quarter, it's expected to be one of the biggest IPO's of the year.

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