The Colorado high school has become somewhat of a beacon to people that are fascinated with the 1999 mass shooting that left 13 people dead and over 20 other injured.

Columbine High School On The Day Of The Shootings
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This past April marked the 20th anniversary of the massacre that took place at the high school. According to JeffCo Schools, Superintendent Jason Glass states that in the last 11 months there has been a record number of people that have trespassed or have tried to enter the school unlawfully.

Florida teen who traveled to Colorado who believed to be a potential threat to Colorado schools, Sol Pais, was obsessed with the Columbine shooting.  School safety experts are recommending that the building be torn down where the shooting took place. Jeffco Public Schools Board of Education is exploring the option to tear down and rebuild the school. The possible proposal would ask voters for $60-70 million dollars at some point in the future. The tax impact would be around $1-2 dollars a month on a half a million dollar home in Jefferson County. The name Columbine, mascot and colors of the school would remain unchanged.

This is still in the exploratory stage according to Jeffco Schools. See more about the proposal HERE.

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