There's been a lot of talk about the new anti-bullying movie, 'Joe Bell.' You may not know how Joe's journey came to an end in Colorado.

We all get inundated with information every day, on tons of different subjects. A lot of times, you only get a piece of the story, because there's so much coming at you. Here's a story that almost went by me, until I took an extra 30 seconds.

There's a new movie out with Mark Wahlberg, 'Joe Bell.' I knew it was a movie about a gay teenager. That's about all I knew. To be honest, I thought Joe Bell was the kid, and I apologize for that.

'Joe Bell' is about Jadin Bell being bullied for being gay, taking his own life, and his father, Joe (Wahlberg,) setting out on a 'walk' from their town in Oregon to New York City. New York City is where Jadin dreamed of going someday. Jadin's parents and community members started a charity, 'Faces of Change,' and the plan was for Joe to stop along his journey to speak with schools about Jadin's story.

Joe started that journey in April of 2013; in early October, he was killed along Highway 40 in eastern Colorado near Kit Carson, after being struck by a truck.

The Denver Post has the story from 2013, on how the driver of the truck was cited for careless driving resulting in death.

In the movie, Joe has conversations with Jadin along his journey. It looks to be a very powerful film.

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