Colorado currently has 41 state parks. How many have you been to? Get ready to put more gas in the car, because it's going to be 42 soon.

Governor Polis announced today (September 12, 2019) that the wheels are officially in motion for adding a new state park to Colorado, the first new park since 2013.

Get ready for a road trip: Fishers Peak State Park will be just a few miles north of the New Mexico border, just outside of Trinidad. Fishers Peak is a landmark in the Tinidad area - but has been closed to the public.

The park will include the Crazy French Ranch, the 30-square miles surrounding the 9,600-foot peak. Fishers Peak is the highest peak in the U.S. east of I-25. That's something, right there.

Denver 7 reports that Fishers Peak State Park will be open to the public in January of 2021.

Get more on the new park from Denver 7 HERE.

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