AT&T rounded up some fun research using Social Blade and Google Trends, and narrowed down the most popular type of YouTube search by state.  Categories include Music, Family, Gaming, Sports... and Ellen Degeneres. (Seriously!  Go Ellen!)

Before you click on the map excerpt above to find out what we like the best, can you guess what Colorado's favorite category is out of the above-mentioned?

Yep, music.  But it's not a certain artist.  I honestly could've seen us topping out in favor of Ellen, but I guess that's why we leave these studies to the real pros.  I can't help but notice that some of the more economically deprived states tend to YouTube Fueled by Ramen, but it is a trend of music lovers - not necessarily broke people as that name's stigma would suggest.  I think this also points to the fact we could be doing worse in Northern Colorado, despite all the guff about how hard it is to survive here.  That is true!  But, this may suggest we're eating better.

I digress.  Hey, what if we made the most popular YouTube channel in NoCo the one for this radio station?  Go ahead and punch it up.  We are working to make it worth your while.  :)

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