Coloradans love their sports.

According to, Denver is the smallest city in the country with five major professional sports teams, including the Broncos (football), the Nuggets (basketball), the Rockies (baseball), the Avalanche (hockey) and the Rapids (soccer).

In addition to the pros, Colorado also boasts several D1 college athletic programs at multiple universities, such as CU Boulder and Colorado State.

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Beyond pro and collegiate level sports, there are multiple other sports played at different levels across the state, giving Coloradans an opportunity to enjoy various sporting events year round.

There's nothing like watching your favorite sports team play in person; fortunately for Colorado sports fans, the state is home to several sports stadiums and venues that are capable of housing large, passionate crowds.

Here are the 10 biggest sports stadiums in the Centennial State via

The 10 Biggest Sports Stadiums In Colorado

Dear COVID-19, if you're reading this—you can see yourself out. We're ready to get back to enjoying sporting events in person.

Sincerely, everybody.

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