Hiking boots, lots of layers, and a warm hat are typically what hikers wear when taking on a 14er – but one Colorado woman has swapped out her boots for high heels, and is turning lots of heads as she hikes.

Erin Ton is no stranger to 14ers. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, the 22-year-old Thornton native climbed her 57th 14er in August. Having summitted this many peaks, Ton began to think about her next challenge and what else she could accomplish.

Rather than taking on another technical climbing challenge, Ton ultimately decided to celebrate her hiking accomplishments in a different kind of way. Following the completion of her 57th 14er, Ton set out to climb Mount Elbert yet again, but this time, as she stood at the base of the mountain, she was donning very different footwear than her normal trail shoes.

Ton wore a pair of high heels — the only ones that she owned. Her celebration was to climb Mount Elbert in the fancy footwear, and, much to Ton's surprise, she hiked it even faster in the heels than she did two years prior.

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so i guess this has unintentionally evolved into my trademark... (👠👠👠/58)

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From there, Ton continued to take on 14ers while wearing heels. Besides Mount Elbert, she has finished Mount Bierstadt, Mount Sherman and Quandary Peak. She does bring along her trail shoes for the descent, and is always stocked up on supplies to combat blisters.

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I’m running out of fancy clothes (👠4/58)

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While Ton has had great fun hiking 14ers in heels, she does not encourage anyone else to do the same. It's very dangerous to do on such difficult terrain.

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