It's no secret that Colorado is full of amazing wildlife.

But while Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) reminds us that it is best practice to stay away from our wild neighbors, human and wildlife encounters will inevitably occur due to population growth in the Centennial State.

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Unfortunately, some of these interactions result in injuries to humans and animals. In worst-case scenarios, wildlife officials may have to euthanize an animal.

However, other interactions have more positive outcomes. Residents lucky enough to safely observe wildlife unlock a unique view into Colorado's stunning ecology.

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"In most situations, people and wildlife can coexist. The key is to respect the wildness of wildlife," said CPW. "'Wildlife' is just that — wild. Most dangerous and potentially harmful encounters occur because people fail to leave the animals alone."

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Colorado is also home to numerous wildlife agencies, like CPW and the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center, who work tirelessly to protect the animals that make our state so special.

Thankfully, there are many places in Colorado where you can view wildlife from a distance — or, you can (safely) experience the excitement right here from your screen.

From squirrel rescues to bear relocations to elk traffic jams, check out 25 crazy Colorado wildlife encounters from 2022 in the gallery below:

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