Colorado has many amazing and picturesque places where you can tie the knot with the person you love. 

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Take Grand Lake, for example.

Not only is it Colorado’s largest lake, but arguably its prettiest. Oh, and famous Hollywood actor Tim Allen got married there as well. 

However, there’s two cities here in Colorado that make for incredible places to get married simply because of the quality of the services you can find there.

Both Denver and Colorado Springs in the Top 10 Best Places to Get Married


The jewelry store, Shane Co., decided to put together a study to find which United States cities were the best for weddings.

Their methodology was to find the cities that had the most “award winning” wedding services, such as weddings venues, florists, caterers, and photographers.

They then give each city a final wedding score and give it a ranking.

Denver, Colorado is the Sixth Best Place to Get Married in the U.S.


Denver takes the sixth spot on Shane Co.’s list, due to it having a high amount of award winning services along with plenty of sunshine throughout the year.

A few notable categories where the percentages of photographers, caterers, and florists were “award winning”.

In Denver, 53.5% of photographers, 13.8% of caterers, and 30% of florists can call themselves “award winners”.

These combined with 3,107 total hours of sunshine each year gives Denver a total wedding score of 6.47.

Colorado Springs, Colorado is the Fifth Best Place to Get Married in the U.S.


Just barely edging out Denver is Colorado Springs, who snagged the fifth spot on Shane Co.’s list.

It has a higher percentage of award winners in venues, beauty salons, and photographers, at 27%, 42.5%, and 53.8% respectively.

These along with the fact that the Springs get a little more sunshine each year at 3,266 hours gives it a final score of 6.50. 

What is the Best City to Get Married in the U.S.


Shane Co. found that the best city in the United States to get married in was shockingly Philadelphia.

Philly is absolutely carried by its incredible percentage of award winning photographers, at 97.6%.

It has a final score of 7.07.

The entire top 10 along with their final scores are:

  1. Philadelphia - 7.07
  2. Chicago - 6.86
  3. Boston - 6.60
  4. Dallas - 6.53
  5. Colorado Springs - 6.50
  6. Denver - 6.47
  7. Miami - 6.09
  8. Orlando - 5.98
  9. Austin - 5.59
  10. San Diego - 5.44

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