An entire Colorado town is being told not to drink, cook, or bathe using local water due to evidence that it's contaminated with THC, the psychoactive element of marijuana.

Hugo Public Works told the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office about an issue with the town's water supply after complaints were made, 9NEWS reports. Tests were ran, though no symptoms were reported. While there isn't any level of concentration, the water well is still being investigated.

Lincoln Community Hospital and Care Center released a fact sheet about the incident via Twitter providing tips on surviving the possible THC water contamination, which included these important notes:

  • Raw marijuana has no effects (it has to be heated)
  • Processed marijuana (THC) - It would take more product than any of us could afford to contaminate a city water supply to the extent that people would suffer any effects.
  • Symptoms of marijuana excess include paranoia, fear, anxiety, dilated pupils, nausea & vomiting, shortness of breath, fast heart rate, shaking or tremor, feeling cold, disorientation, or hallucinations.
  • There is no need to go to the emergency room unless you experience the symptoms mentioned above.
  • The Town of Hugo is currently getting additional tests done on the water supply to rule out any other contamination as well as determine levels of any detected contamination.
  • Given the suspected length of exposure, it is highly unlikely that there is any other contamination present.
  • Until additional test results are back, it is reasonable to avoid drinking or cooking with town water.
  • Washing hands, toileting, bathing, & showering should all be OK with town water.

Hugo, which is about 16 miles southeast of Limon, doesn't have any legal recreational or medical marijuana stores. Lincoln County, however, has 62 registered medical marijuana patients altogether.

Hugo's population was 722 as of the year 2013.

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