Colorado has been extremely active as of late when it comes to banning or restricting the use of technology in different forms.

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Recently, the use of cellphones while driving was completely banned in Colorado, and will now come with fines and license suspension points.

On a different note, Colorado has sought to ban the use of AI in some aspects as well. In fact, we are the first state in the country to place regulations on AI.

However, it would seem Colorado is yet again placing first-of-its-kind legislation around the use of technology, this time affecting social media use for children.

Colorado Implementing Pop-Up Warnings For Children Using Social Media


House Bill 24-1126, also known as “Healthier Social Media Use by Youth”, was recently signed into law by Colorado Governor Jared Polis.

Starting in 2026, social media platforms will be required to display pop-up warnings to users under 18 years old.

These warnings will include information about the physical and mental effects social media has on young people. 

The pop-ups will happen when a user under 18 years old has been on social media for an hour or when they are using it between the hours of 10pm to 6am.

Colorado Was Ahead of the Curve With This Bill

Getty Images // Anna Moneymaker
Getty Images // Anna Moneymaker

Recently, the United States’ Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, suggested similar actions be taken by the US government.

Westword cites that he pleaded with Congress to implement “warning labels” similar to those seen on tobacco products for social media use.

They also note that this piece was published just 11 days after Jared Polis signed HB 24-1126 into law.

How Does Social Media Affect Young Users?


According to Yale Medicine, social media use can have serious effects amongst teenagers.

The period of time between 10 and 19 years old is extremely vital for the part of the brain that measures self worth.

Social media has been noted for lowering people’s self worth and confidence significantly, and it only could be worse for teens.

In fact, Dr. Murthy notes that it can affect a teenager’s ability to learn impulse control, emotional regulation, along with emotional learning.

It should be noted that social media isn’t completely terrible for teenagers. In fact, Yale Medicine notes it can help with their creativity, feel more connected to friends, and make them feel more accepted.

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