After many years of giving fans something to do in Northern Colorado, a professional sports team has decided to fold. However, will people even notice that they are gone?

That's the question many people are asking, after stories have been circulating that the Indoor Football League's Colorado Crush have left the league and have decided that they will not be returning to Colorado.

The team had played at the Budweiser Events Center since 2007, first known as the Colorado Ice before they switched their name to the Crush before the 2016 season.

Excitement surrounded the team back in 2016 when it was announced that the team was sold to the group known as Project Fanchise, who hyped and celebrated how they were going to bring "fan run" football to Northern Colorado. The ownership group also bought a team in Salt Lake City to utilize the same concept, however that team has also reportedly folded.

What was Project Fanchise all about? Here's a video that was published only a few short months before they bought the team, with the owners who skated out of town without any formal announcement, included in the video:

The concept sounded great.

There was actually excitement that surrounded the team heading into their first season.

But it looks like it was all too good to be true.

Bills went unpaid as the season went on, which was foreshadowing for what the fate of the franchise would be once the last game of the season happened in June.

And now, local community businesses and organizations are trying anyway they can to collect money owed to them, including going to the official Colorado Crush Facebook page:

(The following images have been blurred to not give names and pictures of those posting)

Credit: Colorado Crush Facebook Page
Credit: Colorado Crush Facebook Page
Credit: Salt Lake Screaming Eagles Facebook Page
Credit: Salt Lake Screaming Eagles Facebook Page

(Full disclosure: The Colorado Crush and Project Fanchise also owe unpaid bills to Townsquare Media, the parent company of this radio station, along with staff members of Townsquare Media)

While no official announcement has been made from the Indoor Football League or Project Fanchise, attempts made to reach out to them have been unsuccessful. The voicemail at the phone number listed on their Facebook page also hasn't been updated since the beginning of May, as it still lists employees that were let go from the franchise during the season.

The Facebook and Twitter feeds for the Colorado Crush haven't been updated since the season, with the same fate for the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles, who were also Project Fanchise owned.

However, for the players and former personnel who worked for the team over the years, thank YOU for the work you did to try to make the team as successful as possible. There were tireless efforts put into it every week, and it never went unnoticed by the community and fans.

If you were a Crush fan and still need your indoor football fix, here's one of the last games for the franchise back in June 2017.





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