Opening Day at Coors Field for the Colorado Rockies is something thousands of people in Colorado look forward to each April. This year's opening day will be delayed across all of the Major League Baseball teams. Here's all we know.

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What Is An MLB Lockout?

The game of baseball in the MLB has now turned into a game of the team's owners vs. the players and the players don't seem to be backing down. A collective bargaining agreement between the two sides was signed in 2017 but expired this past December meaning a new deal between the owners and players needs to be reached before anything can start to move forward for the 2022 baseball season. A lockout, which we're in now, means that the owners have essentially halted all baseball activities and literally locked the players out of all team facilities. These lockouts are designed to put pressure on the players association union to get the new collective bargaining association negotiations moved along quicker.

Colorado Rockies Opening Day Delayed

After delaying the process for months, the owners and players had been meeting for about 9 days but failed to come up with a solution for a new collective bargaining agreement. The the MLB's Commissioner, Rob Manfred, officially announced that he's "going to cancel some regular-season games" while they continue to work towards a new deal. Commissioner Monfred said:

”We worked hard to avoid an outcome that's bad for our fans, bad for our players and bad for our clubs. I want to assure our fans that our failure to reach an agreement was not due to a lack of effort by either party.”

Actions speak louder than words though as most fans would say that they, in fact, did not work hard enough, and now we the fans, are paying for their money dispute. While an Opening Day will happen at some point, hopefully, the planned Opening Day date in April at Coors Field is no longer happening. There's no telling how long this lockout will last but the players association is nowhere near giving in to the owner's current offer and stating that the canceling of games is:

 ”the culmination of a decades-long attempt by owners to break our Player fraternity. As in the past, this effort will fail.”

One thing's for sure, and that is nothing is for sure. This won't likely last all season but when you get a bunch of rich guys together trying to make more money than the other side, it can get extremely ugly. Look at the Altitude TV and Comcast situation. How long has that been dragging on? Money truly is the route of all evil in most cases. Go Rockies.

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