It can be difficult to control what goes into your dog's mouth, but you should never allow your dog to play with a Colorado river toad.

The largest native toad in the United States is the Colorado River toad which can grow to over seven inches in length. This is one toad you should definitely stay away from.

The Colorado River Toad Is Poisonous and Potentially Fatal

The poison of the Colorado River toad is a defense mechanism that it secretes from glands in the skin. According to, the poison typically won't kill an adult human, but it can make you quite sick if you handle it and get poison in your mouth. Children should definitely not handle one of these slimy creatures and neither should dogs. Dogs are susceptible to the poison of the Colorado River toad and could get sick and die if they pick it up with their mouth to play with it.


Don't Lick the Toad

The poisonous venom from the Colorado River toad is also a strong psychedelic. The National Park Service has actually issued a warning to visitors to not lick the toad in an attempt to get high.

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Where Do You Find Colorado River Toads?

In spite of their name, Colorado River toads are not all that common in Colorado. According to CBS News, the toads can be found in southern Colorado, Arizona, southwestern New Mexico, and California. They actually prefer dry habitats and during the hot summer they'll stay underground and come out at night or when it rains.

The chances of you encountering a Colorado River toad are probably slim, but at least you can know what it looks like. If you do happen to see one, don't touch it, and be sure and keep your kids and dogs away from it.

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