Colorado has some high rankings in a lot of great things, this latest report shows that our state ranks pretty high in something bad too. According to KDVR, Colorado came in third for auto theft.

The increase in thefts is up a total of 58 percent since 2010. The data suggests that approximately 384 vehicle thefts occur per 100,000 people. The report put out by Quote Wizard states that Colorado has seen one of the largest increases in automobile thefts across the nation in the last decade.

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In the past decade, Alaska has seen the biggest jump in auto thefts at 98 percent. New Mexico comes in second with a 79 percent increase. The remaining top ten states for the highest auto theft rates include Kentucky, South Dakota, Montana, Oregon, North Dakota, Wyoming, Tennessee, and Idaho.

Colorado ranks second on the list with the highest auto thefts per 100,000 people behind New Mexico. The most popular vehicles that are stolen are Ford Pickup trucks, Honda Civics, Chevrolet Pickup trucks, Honda Accords, Toyota Camrys, Nissan Altimas, Toyota Corollas, Honda CRV's, Dodge Pickup trucks, and GMC Pickup trucks. See the full report from Quote Wizard HERE.

The best way to protect yourself from being a victim of auto theft is to be sure and lock your doors on your vehicle and park in a well-lit area that is populated.

Source: Quote Wizard - KDVR 

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