We would like to think Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in the United State, but, the fact is, much of it looks much like any other state in the country.

Sure, there are features and landscapes that may be unique to specific states, but, beyond that, Mother Nature paints similar images that transcend state lines. In fact, sometimes those images even go beyond our national boundaries.

For example, look at the beautiful photo of the mountains above. It looks as if it could have been taken from the top of almost any of Colorado's 14ers. The truth is, that photo is not of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and it's not even in the United States. That is a picture of mountains in the country of Austria.

I guess my point is Colorado isn't really quite as unique as we would like to think it is in regards to its landscapes and scenery. One element that is a point of separation between states is the climate that goes along with the geological features. Some states have bigger extremes of hot and cold, while some are extremely humid and others are not. But, when you take climate out of the equation, you can find a lot of similarities between Colorado and many other states.

So, I have this quiz for you to take - Colorado or Not Colorado. Below is a series of photos of places I have been to or have lived like Missouri, South Dakota, North Carolina, New Mexico, Arizona, and Indiana. Your job is to look at the photo, decide if it's Colorado or not, and then scroll down to the next photo to see if you are correct. I think it could be pretty challenging, however, you may actually recognize some of the Colorado photos. You'll need to keep your own score, but be sure and check your scoring grade after the last photo.


How well do Coloradans know their state? We take a lot of pride in our state - and we pride ourselves in knowing it. But, the fact is, across this great land of ours, as many difference as one might find in various parts of the country, you would also find a lot of similarities. It might not be as easy to tell the difference between Colorado and other states. Take this Colorado quiz and show us your Colorado pride and knowledge.

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