If you've ever driven down CO-470 through the town of Ken Caryl, you may have seen these cottages on either side of you. But are they actually used for housing or lodging?

Maybe it's an old ghost town where all the buildings look the same?

Or could they possibly be a location where aliens from out of space are brought for experimenting?

Well, you can get your mind out of the gutter if you thought of any of the above. Because the answer is rather simple.

This oddity that you can see from CO-470 in Ken Caryl, according to Roadside America, is nothing but an old village called the "Cellular Village".

Yup, it's simply buildings that were used to hide cell towers back in the 90's.

They were first constructed by US West Cellular in 1994, and then Nextel and Western Wireless joined the location.

So if you've ever taken the trip and wondered what they were, there is your answer. And if you guessed a "cellular village" when you saw the first picture, give yourself an A+ for getting it right in our first weird Colorado pop quiz!


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