You live in western Colorado but you have never been to the Colorado National Monument in Fruita. It's not as uncommon as you think. Some people feel guilty about this, and others don't give it a second thought.

It must be the same for people who live near the Black Canyon of the Gunnison near Montrose but never get a chance to go in. It's a shame, but the same can probably be said for several destinations in our state. This Spring, we have the opportunity to change all that.

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It's the Perfect Time of Year to Head Outside in Colorado

The first day of Spring may be in March each year, but several parts of Colorado refuse to recognize this until May. While you may need to wait until Memorial Day to enjoy some of the mountain routes around the state, it's a shame to miss so much excellent weather waiting on a road trip.

Consider it a Colorado Field Trip

Seek out the State and National Parks near you and go enjoy them in March and April. If you would rather stay indoors you might visit one of Colorado's must-see museums. With some planning, you could finally check off that one destination you have always wanted to visit and maybe one or two more that are close by.

Be Sure to Get Out of the Car in Colorado

Several of Colorado's National Parks and Monuments have been developed so that if you want to drive through you can do so and still get a pretty good sense of what it is like to be there. Don't forget to get out of the car and enjoy these destinations, especially if it's your first time. Driving through the CMN on Rimrock Drive is a different experience from hiking through it via Monument Canyon.

Beautiful Places in Colorado We Still Haven't Had Time to Visit Yet

For one reason or another, we all have a place in Colorado we have always wanted to see but have not been to yet. Today we are looking at that one destination that has eluded you all this time you have lived in Colorado.

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