Take the trail less traveled with a new phone app that shows you where some of Colorado's 'hidden' spots are. 

There's nothing worse than trying to enjoy nature — while everyone else and their moms are, too. Colorado Parks and Wildlife gets it. Travis Duncan from CPW told CBS4, 'Some places are getting overrun with people loving the land to death.'

That's why they have a new app, CO TREX, to show you trails around you and help you explore places you may not have known were there.

CO TREX App, Colorado.gov
CO TREX App, Colorado.gov

Different filters on the app help you find trails of different skill levels, search amenities and identify locations by activity; hiking, biking and even motorcycling.

Oh, and if you fish and you're sick of everyone hittin' the same pond as you, there's also a CPW app for that. Read more from CBS 4 here.

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