A Colorado-based marijuana company is now officially able to expand its research in combating the terrible disease that affects the brain, largely in the elderly community known as Alzheimer's disease.

This has been enabled due to a new license granted to the Colorado cannabis company known as MedPharm. The license was granted by the National Drug Enforcement Administration and is known as a Schedule 1 Researcher License.

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The Director of Chemistry and Extraction at MedPharm, Dr. Tyrell Towle had this to say about the new license and opportunity to explore this particular use of cannabis:

We’re interested in how cannabinoids affect the nervous system, the brain, and in particular, we’re very interested in Alzheimer’s disease. When you’re talking about wanting to do an actual clinical trial, you need a diversity of people that participate and one state just does not have the diversity of people that are required.

The sale of medical and recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado for quite some time, yet researchers believe that there could be much more potential in the fight against certain ailments and diseases with regards to the plant than are currently being taken advantage of.

The experts at MedPharm are hoping to further explore the healing and medical effects of cannabis and believe that the new bill that has just been implemented is an important step in the right direction to explore just what the plant can do to benefit those that are struggling with certain ailments, of course including Alzheimer's disease.


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