Your chances of winning the lottery may be slim, but you could still get some money out of the Colorado Lottery if you let them use one of your photos, The Denver Channel reports.

South Platte River in Colorado
Marekuliasz/Getty Images

If there's one thing we Coloradans love to do, it's snap pics of the beautiful state where we live, #nofilterneeded. And, a lot of those locations have been funded by proceeds from the Colorado Lottery. In fact, since 1983, there have been more than 10,000 projects in Colorado that the lottery has aided in some way, from preservation to education to conservation of wildlife.

Now, Colorado Lottery is seeking photos taken in Colorado at those places that benefit, and you will be compensated if your photo is chosen.

The goal is to document the habitat, parks, playgrounds, recreation centers, and trails that have been funded with Lottery dollars since its inception in 1983. We are especially interested in photographs that are particularly beautiful or that tell a story about these locations.   - Colorado Lottery 


There are dozens of places in Colorado to choose from, but here in Northern Colorado, this includes Mehaffey Park and Boyd Lake State Park in Loveland, Fossil Creek Trail in Fort Collins, the Aven's Village Playground in Greeley and more.

To submit your photo, visit

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