Whether you like to hike the trails, hang on the water, or climb mountains, there are tons of ways to stay active here in Colorado.

According to a new report by Runreviews, Colorado is ranked as one of the states in America that is in the best shape.

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States in the Best Shape in America

Data was compiled into these two main categories to determine the states in the best shape:

  • health status, and
  • lifestyle indicators

These categories were then further broken down to include obesity, diabetes, heart disease, wellness check-ups, exercise, and local fitness infrastructure. By analyzing metrics from all of the above, Runreviews was able to determine which U.S. states were in the best shape.

The top five states in America in the best shape are as follows:

  1. District of Columbia
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Colorado
  4. Connecticut
  5. New Hampshire

Colorado Ranks As Least Obese State in America

While Colorado ranked third on the listing of the states in the best shape, we actually placed first when it comes to having the least obese adults.

For years Colorado has been hailed as the least obese state in America and it looks like we're staying fit because the title has once again been achieved.

More Colorado Health Wins

Colorado ranked second when it came to having the least amount of adults with diabetes and the state ranked fourth for the least adults with heart disease.

Colorado almost took the top spot for adults who have exercised within the last month (83.4%) but was narrowly beaten by our neighbor to the west, Utah (84.1%. )

What's your favorite exercise activity to do in Colorado?

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