You're likely familiar with blown glass, but have you ever wondered what it's like to create these beautiful works of art? Some blown glass pieces are incredibly intricate, filled with vibrant colors, and sometimes even appear as if they were left behind by aliens from a faraway planet.

The truth is, glass blowers are true artists and there are actually quite a few that specialize in this type of art from right here in Colorado.

Keep scrolling to check out what really goes on inside a real-life glass-blowing studio in our great state.

Behind the Scenes of a Colorado Glass-Blowing Studio

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It should come as no surprise that there are art shows right here in Colorado dedicated to blown glass. In fact, the pieces that we'll take a look at below were featured in an exhibit at Denver's Ryan Joseph Gallery back in 2021.

The studio is known as Everdream Studio, appropriately located in Evergreen, and the artists featured go by the names of Eusheen, Crunklestein, and Windstar Glass.

We'll take a look at the tools used to make these pieces, the glass itself, and the entire process of going from clear tubes of glass and colored rods to intricate pieces of art.

The process of making these works involves a lot of torching, baking, cutting, and of course, blowing. However, each of these processes is specific to the art of glass blowing and is likely nothing as you'd expect in almost any other medium.

Keep scrolling to check out what it's like behind the scenes of a real-life Colorado glass-blowing studio with real-life Colorado glass blowers:

Go Behind the Scenes of a Real-Life Colorado Glass Blowing Studio

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