I don't know very many people who enjoy when door to door salespeople come knocking. I swear I personally have had roughly 850 conversations about solar, for example, since 2019.

Which, for the record, I'm absolutely interested in for the right reasons, but not until the companies who sell solar panels for your home can find a way to be more economical in keeping up with rapid technological advances. Meaning, you want me to give you fifty grand for something that's going to be obsolete in two years, but you're not willing to come upgrade or replace anything as part of the deal, so I'll be stuck with it forever? I'm just not there yet. But I digress, as always. At least I'm willing to have the conversation or politely tell the person at my door I'm not interested.

A couple in Highlands Ranch apparently is so against the concept of door to door salespeople - or anyone, really I guess - coming to their front door that they actually set booby traps outside their home for would be 'trespassers' that dared to approach. And sure enough, one of those traps was set off by a 25-year old door to door salesman that came knocking the other day.

When the young man approached the front door, he managed to trip a wire which caused a massive boom noise. Though he didn't see where the noise came from, it was enough to damage his hearing and affect his vision.

A co-worker came running to check on him, thinking he had been shot. As the co-worker arrived, a man opened the garage door and shouted at the salesmen "no trespassing!" The two men immediately left, then went to the hospital.

Later, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office came out to investigate and were told by a neighbor that they were aware of the booby traps and the homeowner had told them to keep their kids away from his house so they didn't get hurt.

Deputies found another device awaiting would-be trespassers near the front door and another around the back of the house rigged with something like pepper spray to hit someone in the face if they tripped the wire as they approached.

The couple that owns the home was arrested in connection to the incident. No word on their motivation for creating the booby traps or whether or not any old Looney Toons played a role in inspiring the contraptions.

The door to door salesman is recovering, though the arrest affidavit says his hearing has not yet healed completely.

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