NOAA has released its winter outlook for 2018-2019. While we know we have to take our Colorado forecast about five minutes at a time, here's what the experts say to expect this winter. 

The good news is, according to NOAA's three-month outlook for November to January, Colorado's winter (along with the rest of the country) will start off warmer than average, with a 70 percent chance of an 'El Nino' winter.



Following NOAA's three-month outlook map, Colorado could also get more precipitation than usual to start things off (which is great for the ski resorts), and an equal chance, the farther north you are.



The bad news is, Colorado weather is... unpredictable — we know this — which makes it so hard to predict, even scientists don't get it right sometimes. Transworld Snowboarding noted, 'Last season’s precipitation forecast... called for mostly average precipitation across much of the country, with higher than average precipitation in Colorado and much of the Rockies. This turned out to be incorrect, as Colorado suffered from one of the worst winters in 60 years.'

You can read more about the winter outlook for Colorado here.