If you feel like businesses in Colorado are closing at an unusually fast rate, you wouldn’t be wrong.

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The new reality for Colorado is simple; store closures are going to become our new normal. 

Recently, the Peace, Love, and Little Donuts store in Loveland closed down just months after the Fort Collins location.

Another chain, Red Lobster, announced it would temporarily close four restaurants as well.

What is far more sad, however, is local establishments closing.

Take the closure of Renegade Brewing Company, for example. The beloved brewery in Denver closed its doors for good on May 3rd, 2024.

However, while one Colorado business has not necessarily shut down per say, a recent bankruptcy filing is rather concerning for the company’s future.

Colorado Based Ink! Coffee Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Google Maps

The Daily Coffee News found that the Colorado based Ink! Coffee, which opened in Snowmass Village in the 1990s, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

They found that the chain filed on June 20th, 2024.

Will Ink! Coffee Survive Bankruptcy?

While it is hard to say, there is a factor that is incredibly important to the company’s survival.

Daily Coffee News also noted that they are filing to qualify under Subchapter V protections, which is incredibly important to the future of Ink! Coffee as a brand.

For those unaware, Subchapter V allows small businesses in particular to continue operating after filing for bankruptcy. If it goes through, Ink! will not have to liquidate their assets.

So for the time being, it would seem Ink! Coffee will be around for at least a little bit longer.

How Many Ink! Coffee Stores Are in Colorado?

Ink! Coffee is a local brand, with all of its locations right here in Colorado.

DCN notes that there used to be 16 locations in Colorado. According to Ink! Coffee’s website, they’re down to only five now.

According to Google, it would appear three other locations are at least temporarily closed as well.

Let’s hope to see Ink! Coffee rebound after such bad news.

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