It's pretty common knowledge that one of the best towns in Colorado for stumbling upon celebrities is Aspen. In fact, not only is the town itself world-famous for reasons including the large number of famous people who spend time there but there is one hotel in particular that is known as a celebrity hot spot as well.

Keep scrolling to learn about one of the best places to meet celebrities in Colorado, Aspen's Hotel Jerome.

What is Hotel Jerome in Aspen Colorado?

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Hotel Jerome is one of the oldest hotels around. In fact, it was the first hotel west of the Mississippi River to have hot running water, indoor plumbing, and an elevator.

The hotel has sat at its location at 330 E. Main Street in downtown Aspen since 1889 and still retains its old-timey feel with its vintage artwork and memorabilia and overall retro feel.

The hotel is also known for creating a beverage known as the Aspen Crud which was served during probation. The drink is still around today and consists of four shots of bourbon and vanilla ice cream.

Hotel Jerome is named for its founder, Jerome Wheeler who, at the time, was the president of Macy's, but many bigger celebrities have frequented the hotel in the years since.

Celebrities at Aspen's Hotel Jerome

Hotel Jerome is known for hosting many celebrities over the years including the likes of Gerard Butler, Josh Hartnett, Seal, Heidi Klum, Jessica Biel, and many others.

One celebrity that famously considered Hotel Jerome one of his regular hangouts was Hunter S. Thompson who lived just down the road in Woody Creek.

Check out the famous Hotel Jerome, one of the biggest hotspots for celebrity encounters in the state of Colorado:

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