Bears are currently in their "fattening up" mode.

The technical term is actually called hyperphagia, which is basically when the bears practically eat and drink nonstop and consume up to 20,000 calories a day to get ready for winter hibernation.

The snows and colder temperatures are coming and the bears are ready to go "night night" in their dens. But first, they need some full bellies and they're not dumb animals.

If a bear is having a hard time finding food out in the wilderness and up in the mountains, they'll come down to where they know there will be some grub: in people's houses.

Over the years with expansion going further up and higher into bear country, more of these encounters are taking place and I'm not going to lie, this one is a little more on the unique side.

According to Fox 31, Evergreen resident Todd Mitchem had a bear come up on his porch and was captured on their Ring Doorbell camera in the middle of the night.

The bear can be seen and heard huffing and puffing and looking for a way to get in the house. You can clearly see the bear look at the door handle like "Well, this is the way in". It actually never made a move to try to open the door, which would have REALLY been fun to watch. Here's the official capture on the doorbell camera:

The bear then disappointingly turns around and walks away hoping to find a little more luck at a neighbor's house in its quest for some grub.

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