Having two baseball teams in the same state named the 'Rockies' could get a bit confusing, but the Grand Junction Rockies will not change its name after a change.org petition surfaced online. 

According to Barstool Sports, the petition suggested that the minor league team change its name to something more unique and representative of Western Colorado. Is it sincere? Is it a joke? No one can know for sure.

Minor League Baseball is beloved for its unique team names and mascots that reflect their local communities. ... Unfortunately our local team has the same name as the parent organization, even though it represents a community featuring a unique setting and history. We believe that the team would much better represent the Grand Valley as the Grand Junction Humpback Chubs. The Humpback Chub is an endangered fish native to the Colorado River in the valley...Therefore this local icon would be a great way for the local baseball team to represent the valley. With a unique and exciting name, logo, and mascot, the team could attract fans from across Colorado and the USA. - Ian Lummis, Change.org

It has nearly 5,000 signatures so far, but it would appear the team took to Twitter (in a Tweet that is no longer on the team's feed) to say it's not happening because, well, 'chub' means 'erection.' Barstool Sports shared screenshots with incredible commentary, as usual.

Fans fought long and hard for Grand Junction Chubs, but it looks like a home run just isn't going to happen this time.

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