When COVID-19 brought live shows abruptly to a halt in March of 2020, artists had to get creative with how they'd continue to deliver music to their fans. And, after a while, I think we all got pretty burnt on virtual performances — which then called for even more out-of-the-box thinking when it came to engaging audiences.

According to Vulture, these 10 artists had it figured out. Denver indie band Tennis was named alongside Miley CyrusMegan Thee Stallion, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga on its 'Best Quarantine Performances of 2020' list.

In a year void of live shows with packed audiences, musicians pushed the creative limits right from home. - Vulture

Sandwiched between megastars Haim on Seth Myers and FKA Twigs with Dua Lipa performing at high-budget studios, Colorado band Tennis landed at number eight with their 'Live from the Void' quarantine series.

'The four-piece fully entered the digisphere with their quarantine livestream shows, launched in October,' Vulture wrote, adding that the band gave a top-notch performance and used a fan-immersive Instagram filter.

'Alaina Moore, playing alongside husband Patrick Riley, shimmies and sways as they dig into their vast discography, including many tracks from their latest album Swimmer, released in February right before quarantine,' Vulture said.

You can see the full list here, and watch the performance, below.

Tennis - How to Forgive (Live)

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Tennis - I Miss That Feeling

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