You would expect something like this in a city like New York, San Francisco, Seattle, but some Northern Colorado residents could have alcohol delivered to their house.

It was a typical Saturday when returning to my house in Loveland from running errands. Hanging on my door was a red, door hanger that I could not make out until I got closer, but when I was able to see what it was advertising, my thought was "are my neighbor kids pranking me again?"

Drizly was advertising that they would deliver alcohol to my house, fast. You could order on your phone and receive it within the hour. Um. No way. Is this right?

After a quick google search, yeah, it's very much a business and one that has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on the Today Show, and other reputable news organizations.

You download the app, enter your address, and it will display current inventory and prices that are available at stores near you. You can shop and order from thousands of products. Then Drizly's "retail partners" will deliver your order within an hour.

I have yet to try the service, but it looks legit.

You can download the app from the Apple Store or Google.