Colorado is a great state for strange and interesting things. We are home to the Sasquatch Outpost, the UFO Tower, Bishops Castle, the Black Hole, and countless other places that may not seem real to someone who has never been there.

Like our roadside attractions, Colorado is loaded with museums dedicated to quirky curiosities that are unique to our state, and the people who came before us.

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Quirky Colorado Museums Done Dirt Cheap

Fun museums about the early days of Colorado are fun places to visit. You can get unique photos, learn more about the history of your state, and you generally are only parting with a couple of bucks.

Did you know Colorado has an Outlaw and Lawmen Jail Museum? It's loaded with all kinds of cool old newspapers detailing the crimes of Cripple Creek before there were many laws at all. All this for $3. Yup. Wait, there's more.

Can Anyone Just Collect Stuff and Call it a Museum?

Do you enjoy shopping for washing machines with your significant other? Did you know that some people travel from across the state to look at antique washing machines? It may seem strange but the Lee Maxwell Washing Machine Museum is absolutely legit. Thousands of antique washing machines that date back to the 1700s are only found here in Colorado.

Colorado Was Building a Hovertrain

Colorado is home to the forgotten Grumman Tracked Levitation Research Vehicle, which just might have changed Colorado forever. This air-cushioned prototype train was designed to travel at about 300 mph. You can walk right up to it today in the city of Pueblo, Colorado.

Scroll on to see some pretty interesting places right here in the Centennial state by checking out six quirky Colorado museums you may never have known existed.

6 Quirky Museums in Colorado You Didn’t Know Existed

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