Some residents in southwestern Colorado are making the best out of a stinky situation - quite literally, after a semi drove off the side of the road on December 7, causing massive amounts of onions to spill into the nearby waterway.

According to the Denver Post, the semi carrying the load of vegetables went off U.S Highway 550 at milepost 51, just about two miles north of Purgatory Ski Resort. From there, many of the onions made their way into a tributary that flows into the Colorado River.

As the onions have continued to float downstream, locals in the area are taking opportunities to pull the 50-pound bags from Cascade Creek.

Details as to why the semi veered off the road were not released.

Ironically, this is the second time within a six-week span that a semi-truck has accidentally dumped its onions in this same section of roadway. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, the previous accident occurred on October 22, just a few miles away from where the second spill took place. The location is along the San Juan Skyway.

Even more ironic, is that the brand of onions that fell off of the truck and into the water was Coal Creek, and the incident took place on Coal Bank Pass.

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