Flu season is coming to Colorado, and in the middle of a pandemic, preparations have begun.

Health officials are worried that with flu season and the COVID-19 pandemic occurring at the same time, Coloradans will have to suffer two serious respiratory illnesses at once, but thanks to the flu shot, we have a better chance at fighting at least one.

According to The Denver Channel, many hospitals in Colorado are worried that they'll be overwhelmed by both flu and COVID patients considering that last season, "the flu landed 3,500 Coloradans in the hospital".

One way to prevent this is to make sure you and your family get the flu shot this year, even if in years past you've decided to skip it.

Thanks to the pandemic, drive-through vaccination sites for the flu will be common, as well as walk-ups and parking lot clinics. Colorado Department of Health officials are also stocking up on the vaccine to make sure they're ready for a spike in demand.

Do you plan to get the flu shot this year? Let us know in the comments.

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