I don't know that there is a concept out there that is more Colorado or more uncomfortable than this, but it really does happen at Loveland Ski Area -- yes, Loveland. Aw, how perfect. 

Ski lift
Simon Bruty/ALLSPORT,Getty Images

No more 'riding single' up the slopes because, well, there's an app for that. According to Observer, on Saturday, December 17, nearly 400 single skiers and riders attempted to meet their match on the ski lift at Loveland, by using the app LuvByrd: 'Dating for the Outdoor Enthusiast.'

Lift rides with strangers can always make for awkward conversation, so I can't even imagine it being a first date.

Singles can choose to ski down the mountain with their new suitor, or they can leave them behind and try their luck on the next lift. It’s just like ghosting, only you’re destined to see them at some point in the snow. (source:, Observer.com)

Whoever wrote this piece about last weekend's event is so on key, I love it. You can read the full story here, and catch the next Chairlift Ski Dating event at Loveland in February of 2017.

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