Everybody has a birthday. Many people were born in the same year as one another. It's not often, but it happens, that some people who know each other share the same birthday.  Many people have the same birthday as a celebrity, but how many have the exact same birthdate?

I wonder how Laura Dern feels, knowing that she shares the same birthdate as a "kind" of celebrity in the Fort Collins, Colorado, area? I'm going to guess that she doesn't going around bragging, like I do.

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Laura Dern and myself were both born on February 10, 1967. In 1967, that day was a Friday, which is funny, because here at the station, I call Friday, "FriDave." I'm sure Laura is not a goofball, in that way; but, you never know.

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Laura was born to famous parents (Diane Ladd and Bruce Dern,) my parents were not famous. Laura is tall, I am (certainly) not tall. Laura has been in many movies, I like to see movies. I'm sure that the things that Laura Dern and I have in common stop at February 10, 1967; unless she's into disc golf; that would be really weird.

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It was in 1993 that Laura Dern starred in one of biggest movies of all time, "Jurassic Park." She was 26 when she filmed that movie. When I was 26, I was working at a microchip manufacturer in Fort Collins, LSI. Again, different lives, completely.

Speaking of the stars of "Jurassic Park," one day in the summer of 2017, I came to work here at the station, dressed as Jeff Goldblum in "Independence Day."

Just to throw in another coincidence, I was born in Paterson, New Jersey. A few years ago Adam Driver starred in a movie called, "Paterson." He played a man named, Paterson, who's a poet that lives in Paterson, New Jersey. It was good, but different.

What coincidences have you seen in your life?

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