A P.E. teacher in Lafayette has been charged with assault and child abuse after one of her middle school students wouldn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, and she lifted them off their chair by their jacket in an effort to force them to stand.  District policy there allows students to either sit or stand during the pledge.   Now Karen Smith is on administrative leave from the school.  And of course I do realize you have –NO- opinion on that story whatsoever... right???

There seems to be three groups of people in this sort of a discussion:  1) Those who believe you are disrespecting our country and our military if you don't partake in our customary rituals that have to do with the U.S. flag, 2) Those who just want to make life difficult for everyone and start some guff by refusing those practices out of direct disrespect for America, or perhaps to get attention (by the way, I have yet to ever meet anyone in this group, but boy do I hear about them...?!!), and 3) People who don't feel the need to perform upon command to sense security in their respect and gratitude for where they live - much the way they may not necessarily need Valentine's Day to show a person they're loved.

Here was a guy from Group Number 3.  The 5:00 mark here relates more to behavior in the presence of the U.S. flag.  Not safe for work, I'm sure:

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