Looking back on a winter where a couple ski resorts closed early from lack of snow, anyone who knows how important Colorado's yearly snowpack is also knows we're probably in for a very challenging summer.

Northern Colorado ended up with 94% of average snowpack for this past season, which could be a lot worse.  Southeast Colorado is suffering the most, with areas as low as 43% of their typical moisture.

Still, you don't have to be a meteorologist or a climate expert to notice it's been warm, dry, and windy.  Thanks to 9 News for making this handy dandy list of ways we can all take personal responsibility to avoid being that next person who started a forest fire:

  • Don't mow or trim grass on windy days.  You may remember the fire that started south of Fort Collins last summer from a simple lawn mower/rock combination.
  • Make sure campfires are completely extinguished - if you can't touch it, it isn't safe to leave! Make sure your fire is OUT!
  • Never pull your vehicle over in dry grass (seriously!)
  • Make sure cigarette butts are properly extinguished and never, ever, EVER toss them out your car window
  • Off-road vehicles and chainsaws should be equipped with approved and recently updated spark arrestors
  • Be careful with welding equipment and any open flames outdoors.


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